Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yielding to daily Graces

One of my great longings is to write that piece of prose that will lodge itself in the hearts of many, filling them with sweet enchantment, thrilling them in unimaginable ways to leave them drowning irredeemably in love! Could anything be better? Not much, I don't think!

"An enchanted life has many moments when the heart is overwhelmed with beauty and the imagination is electrified by some haunting quality in the world or by a spirit or voice speaking from deep within a thing, a place or a person. Enchantment may be" ~ Henry Louis Mencken

There exists for each of us a state of consciousness that is enchantment itself. It is the enchantment of the child, suffused with wonderment and thrill. I long for it. No, I don't mean in a way that holds me back from engaging with life and all its shadow play. I do partake as fully as I can in the creative work of staying alive as well as I know how to. But what I long for are those runaway moments when, rather unexpectedly and to my breath-taking delight, I find myself in the softness and freshness of new life, a new form of beauty, disarmingly so!

Perhaps this is why I so love softly, falling rain. It seems to caress life forms, blessing each one indiscriminately. You know it, I'm sure.

Yesterday, I sat in bed with my laptop, as I have been doing in these recent wintry days, working away, stopping often to watch the rain fall upon the native just outside my bedroom. I am certain the green leaves on it looked even greener and the raindrops suspended from their tips were priceless diamonds. I knew the 'diamonds' would disappear in time, but while they lasted, I remained enthralled.

Water has this way of enveloping you so completely, it's silly to resist! What could be more intimate? Air, which we take so much for granted, is just as complete in his embrace. It is these moments of recognizing and yielding to daily graces that I long for. They leave me feeling full of something. I think they call it life.


  1. I shall steal this honour of the first comment.

    What an enchanting place, to become further intoxicated by your words.
    I think I'll take my shoes off and feel the cool, refreshing dew bathing my toes.

    Another sanctuary, thank you.

  2. Such joy to have you visit here Tim! Yes, do take your shoes off! The dew is fresh, the grass soft and the air pregnant with magic and mystery!

  3. A joy that I feel as well - that ignites an explosive humour in me.
    Forgive me - reading that as an Englishman (I presume it's some sort of tree?) - but reading about the rain falling on the native - I thought to myself - well he must enjoy the rain as well, or I'm sure Lucy would invite him inside.
    Sorry - irreverant? Humour? Never - I hope.

  4. :-) I went into mild agony over that one as I wrote it, knowing for certain how it could be read, then deciding that if that was the (only) reading of it, it would reflect on someone caught in a time-warp...that word is hardly ever used in that sense these days. But here, Down Under, we frequently refer to our native species as just that!

    And in case you think that I'd taken the easy way out instead of finding out the name of the tree...I did ask but the person I asked didn't know either! (And she's a native herself!!!) Although she did give me the name of another native growing in the vicinity - Takaroo - which I could have cheated and used:-) You'd have been none the wiser!!!

    But, hey, have a good laugh on the poor bloke (or was it me???? ;-))!