Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sleep now your final sleep

Sleep now your final sleep
It's finished
this long journey
which never really began
and cannot ever end
yet, for now, drops you off
at heaven's door

The angels are waiting
their harps
softly tinkling
their wings
spread wide
to shield you, just briefly,
from love's blinding light

You'll happily rest
in their safe embrace
and watch with eyes closed
the celebration
of your return
leaving your smile
in tomorrow's rainbow

So, my love
sleep your final sleep
for I am at last ready
to say goodbye     

Sunday, November 15, 2009

When it all gets too much, write a poem

Original image distorted by Lucy

You thought it would be easy!
After all, wasn't your brain firing off
in a trillion different places just then?
Wasn't emotion surging through you
like a hurricane through Florida?
But now, sitting as you do,
at your keyboard
the ghosts have vacated
the brain has frozen
the s-urge is no more!
And all that's left
is a sickening suspense
a diary of unfinished thoughts
a mausoleum of hidden decay
an unresolved tragedy
a gaping wound
with no chance of healing.

Go home!
It's all over
for now
Settle yourself
Find something else
to do
You should know by now
it's all over
long, long before
you realize.

Forget my advice
When it all gets too much
curse loudly into the wind
The ghosts will pick it up
and torment someone else instead
We hope.

Just don't
don't write a poem
Don't consecrate
the sacrilege
with your ritual of
fine words and provoking metaphors
Such symbols are wasted
in the wasteland of phantom emotions

Oh, but what the hell
If you must
then write
write a poem
when it all gets too much.