Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sleep now your final sleep

Sleep now your final sleep
It's finished
this long journey
which never really began
and cannot ever end
yet, for now, drops you off
at heaven's door

The angels are waiting
their harps
softly tinkling
their wings
spread wide
to shield you, just briefly,
from love's blinding light

You'll happily rest
in their safe embrace
and watch with eyes closed
the celebration
of your return
leaving your smile
in tomorrow's rainbow

So, my love
sleep your final sleep
for I am at last ready
to say goodbye     


  1. Poignant, touching and so loving. It gave me chills.

  2. Hi Joanne

    Thank you for your comment. Yes, I get a little teary each time I read it too.

    I haven't been visiting/dropping on anyone of late but I will come by your site soon to catch up with what's happening there :)

    Love always, Lucy

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