Thursday, May 21, 2009

Freedom itself!

Image from Flickr

Is it your sigh
that hangs
in this
smoke-blue day?
Is it your gaze
that reflects off
each leaf upon
tree and ground?
Is it your touch
that moves
in the air around?
Is it your prayer
that lifts
my thoughts
into lofty grandeur?
Is it your love
that rings
this sacred space
that I have learned
to call
my name?
to disappear
and leave
only you
in my place!
It is insane
that I
deny myself


  1. A beautiful message and sentiment. I love this piece.

  2. What sweet chords you strum on my heart, Lucy. Thank you.

    The poetry of existence, of being human, sung to the breeze that gently stirs the awaiting chimes in my mind, clear and bright, nectar for my unending thirst.
    Only this supremely exquisite human instrument can play along, in such resonant harmony, to words that carry their own melody, a hymn of love, of life, of the Divine.
    Give me mystery - take me deeper - into the unknown - into your heart.

  3. How lovely that some words strung together by the love that strings us all together can awaken such sweet emotions within us :-)

    Thank you Joanne and Tim for sharing this love space with me!