Monday, May 11, 2009

Who am I?

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I asked myself this question:

Who am I?

Then I sat in a silence occasionally interrupted by a thought or a sound or a memory. For a while, the screen in my mind was filled with a nebulous, white haze. So I asked the question again. After a while, I found myself in the cosmos, in a star-speckled indigo darkness.

It is strange to say that I 'found myself there' because, in fact, 'I', as I generally think of myself, was not there. Instead, this cosmic space. So I surmised that I must be that. Or rather, I must be that which brought it into being, or a part of that which brought it into being.

It was then that I felt the undeniable presence that pervades all of life, that is both the lowest common denominator and the grandest, limitless, all-pervading, all-encompassing presence beyond which there is nothing. And I knew beyond doubt that I had to be, at one time the expression of it and the power of it and that I carry within and as me, all of it.


  1. Happy to know all was answered. :) That discovery is like truth in seeking.

  2. One of many instances, beyond our dumbness - where we were given the answer before we asked the question - but we didn't believe teacher did we?

    (My "teacher" has recently been to Malaysia - Prem Rawat)

    Can I stay behind after school?

    Namaste, Lucy (where've you been?)

  3. Tim!!! Where have you been???

    Prem Rawat? I have seen him a couple of times on TV here in Oz. So, he's in Malaysia huh? I'm sure he'll be more than well received. He is a gentle fire!!!

    Oh, we are too impatient and too stubborn. The answer must come NOW and in THIS PARTICULAR WAY if I am to recognize it. How does the infinite find its way into the pinhole of an eye that we seek it with and that too, with a boulder in front of the eye????

  4. Interesting, inspirational and educational. Great post.

  5. Ha, ha - so true Lucy, so true - the pinhole of the known - which can only face backwards.

    Much love to you.
    Thank you for your inspiration.