Thursday, June 4, 2009

The only note

It melted
like candy floss
on a warm tongue
the anguish
that steadily rose
in the wake of
yet another
public duty
crackled and fizzled out
dissolving in
the cypher
of love
you sent me
so that I
the only note
in your


  1. I was attracted by your photos and enjoyed the verses. Thank you.

    in relation with the musing below, it deals more with me than your poetry I am rejoicing at while leaving tis comment.
    I dare to shift to personalities because I see us as the friends, who are free from need to look appropriately to the moment and share everything they have between - I hope you will understand my Lithuanian-English rightly.

    (...) even the common words cover themselves with mystery as we hear them in foreign language. Thus there is no wonder for my sitting in awe towards prior unseen letters. So the
    "public duty" should mean something not attractive, yet while searching for the meaning of the words, their original smell drop into the interpretations - so the "public duty" becomes the application of the dream to be not alone to the daily practice.

    wandering symphony ... wow! Your phrase enabled me to overview my years and thus brought me eye to eye with my Sender. Thank you once again

  2. Hi Thomas! So nice to see you here and read your searching comment...

    I love your once,twice, three times...multiple (re)interpretations of 'public duty'. Indeed...the interconnected nature of all that we do and are, if I understand you correctly!

    And, of course, we are but expressions of the one love, free from need and free to be!

    How wonderful that you met with your Sender :)

    Thank you for your presence here and everywhere!