Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shall we learn again the language of love?

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We watch time
We fill the spaces in between
with attention to random thoughts

Some take us back 
to the early years
when we commenced our
walking journey

Some refresh the memory
with recent history

But always 
there are feelings
that rock the thoughts
captured by attention

Who knows what goes on in the minds
of those who do not speak?

We rely on spoken language for clues
We rely on behaviors too
But most of all, and increasingly,
we rely on words

They provide us with shortcuts.
not always reliable

often distorting or hiding
unspoken messages

We must learn again
to communicate
without words
in the silent, dynamic language of
gazes into
and away
and retreats
and gestures
and avoidance
so that,

when once again, 
we employ words
they shall be
great wisdom
great awareness
great patience
great accuracy
for we will have gained
some mastery over
Attentiveness - 
the language of love


  1. Wow, this is such a powerful and eloquent post. Rich with meaning and heart. The message is so clear and true, there are no need for words as we can speak with our heart. Just beautiful.

  2. Joanne, this post was prompted by my oldest brother who spends much of his time in silence, in a wheelchair or in bed.

    Only 2 years ago, he was a walking, talking, independent man who was in partial retirement from his position as a school principal.

    That was when, following a couple of strokes, he had an operation which left him semi-comatose for about six months. His recovery is ongoing, happening all too slowly it would seem, for those who care for him. In particular, my mother has been terribly anxious, something that I believe contributes to her sporadic breathing difficulties, the last of which was severe enough to warrant by immediate return home.

    But, this is life, in all its tragic, traumatic, awe-inspiring, unpredictable ways.

    I would watch my brother, a form so different from how he used to be, as he periodically looked up at the clock. I would wonder what was going through his mind. I wondered if, now that he hardly spoke, he was able to more acutely pick up the wordless communication that is constantly happening...

    and so this post!

    Thank you for your comment. It feels good to know that another has connected with my thoughts and feelings :)

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