Monday, April 2, 2012

Longings Enchantments and Sacred Spaces

Image by Lucy: Mt Glorious one late Afternoon

I slumbered
and while I did
my soul went wandering

It seemed to think
that it had been trapped
inside some strange body and preposterous mind

Even though I stirred
every now and again from my intoxicating slumber
urging it to return home
it paid no heed

Like a joyous pup
somehow unhooked from its leash
it tore away, never once looking back
Such was its glee and reckless abandon

Oh, do come back you silly thing!

It never heard me
or if it did, it paid no heed

But in the cosmic winds that 
somehow seeped through the 
curtains of my slumbering consciousness
I heard the sweetest melody
upon which these words gently tumbled:

'Longings, Enchantments and Sacred Spaces
are where I'll find God's divine graces!'


  1. "Like a joyous pup / somehow unhooked from its leash / it tore away, never once looking back / Such was its glee and reckless abandon"

    The image of the runaway soul (which is here compared to an unleashed puppy) makes these four lines a striking poem in their own right.

    Very nice!!

  2. Thanks Sujoy :). Your visits and comments have encouraged me to nurture this blog once again :)

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