Sunday, September 28, 2008

Entwined in Presence

I still have the image of his beautiful face in my mind every time I choose to recall it. It is adorned with a joyous smile and eyes glistening with the freshness of early morning. Dreadlocks hang loosely against his glowing rust-black skin.

For a few moments, our eyes are entwined in a gaze, looking for nothing, simply enjoying each other's presence, a presence that I am tempted to call divine. Recalling that gaze, I realize that it was free from egoic interests relating to such conditioned concepts as age, attractiveness, color, ethnicity, socioeconomic position, religion, culture etc.

For those few moments, all preoccupations ceased bar one - holding each other's gaze. And it was pure - sparklingly so. It was joyous - spontaneously so. It was fulfilling - unattachedly (yes, I just had to make that word up) so.

In those few moments, I, as a separate self, ceased to exist. We were not two but one. Presence was our name. Presence was our state. Now, writing about it, I realize it goes by another name - Love.

Presence - Love

No attachments, no demands, just joy, beauty, peace, oneness.

Imagine holding such a gaze with your reflection in the mirror! Imagine holding it with your friend, your estranged partner, child, colleague. And I do mean
'imagine', for from that imagination, the wheels of inspired words and action are set into motion!

Every person is called to become transparent to the divine life,
to rediscover the lost image of God within, to become a living
icon of Christ
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  1. Love revealed in its true unconditional state. What a delight.
    Yet how often do we destroy that, in the vice of conditionality, attachment - out of fear or insecurity.
    But it's always there to return to.
    Thank you Lucy.

  2. Indeed Tim. It is always there. In fact, it is all that is real, as we are told in all the great spiritual traditions!

    Sometimes, I wonder if it even makes sense to say 'thank you' or think we are 'blessed' when after all, who are we thanking and who are we blessed by, if not our very SELF? It does not make sense to bless ourselves and thank ourselves for that blessing, does it???

    However, to be grateful...ah, now, that's another thing, for to be grateful to me means 'seeing good in all things'.

    If you cannot see 'good' then how can you possible be 'grateful'?

    I might have veered off topic here but in a meaningful way, I hope :-)

  3. I think it's only because we are able to feel the currents of that love, as humans, the eddies and swirls - that give us our sense of direction - the landmarks on our journey - the points of contrast perhaps - without which, constant bliss would become tedious.
    Oh! for such tedium!!!

  4. Now that's an argument I have never bought into! How do we know that we would be bored? That constant bliss would be tediously dull???

    I am inclined to think its an argument (and a pathetically weak one at that!) offered to explain/justify/rationalize our conditioned suffering/dukkha.

    In fact, my sense is that we are likely to be even more creatively engaged, divinely so, as the fetters of (human) conditioning fall away!

    In my experience, there is a sense of restlessness that arises from a consciousness of neediness, separation, lack of fulfillment etc.

    However, I also and increasingly experience a sense of joyous urge that seems to arise from a place of enthusiasm, curiosity, adventure...

    The difference is subtle yet vast!

    Thanks for your comments Tim and for giving me an opportunity to share my explorations :-)

  5. ooh!Playing "Devil's Advocate" isn't safe around here.
    I shall refrain from sarcasm (sar-chasm - the hole that is fallen into when it backfires.)

    He,he - huh-hmmm.

    Namaste Lucy.

  6. Tim, I certainly didn't mean to thump you one nor was I addressing my comments to you personally!

    I really do appreciate your willingness to engage in meaningful sharing/discussion. I benefit from it and hope that you do to!

    In love, Lucy

  7. @ Lucy - I benefit greatly also, thank you for that - no, that devil's advocate deserves a good thump every so often - as for me, I'd much prefer a couple of rounds of mud-wrestling.

    In Lak'ech - Lucy