Sunday, April 26, 2009

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Let’s rush madly into sweet enchantment. Leave your troubled heart right here for it weighs you down. Besides, who needs a heart when you’re about to enter the heart of life and love itself? No, my song of heaven, leave it here, right here. Then let’s rush madly into love’s open heart, let’s be swallowed up in timeless enchantment where every longing shall be finally put to rest.

There is nothing so sweet, so turgid, so close to bursting. Not even the plum nor the grape, ripened to perfection under the sun, compares with the fullness that awaits us in the heart of enchantment! To ponder it would simply drive one insane. Yet to enter it, ah the ecstasy! Don’t even try to put it in words unless you are prepared to turn mad.


  1. Lovely, Juicy Lucy :)

    Yes - simultaneously to keeping my pencil sharp - a component of taste in a plum - I yearn for the sweetness.
    That yearning itself is the ribbon I follow out of the labyrinth of madness - to enter into the ecstacy.

    No simile can do justice to the potential of our human experience - us poets vainly try - :) Much love to you.

  2. We try because we must express this inexpressible world of emotions, images, states of consciousness that overcomes hold it within can be suffocating...unless and until we learn to see the seamlessness between 'within' and 'without'...the sight of non-duality, of oneness...

    In the meantime, we try, as you say, in vain, using these pitiful substitues called 'words'!!! But what if...what if there was another way, another form of expression, like the expression of 'being'...? I imagine that would be mind-blowing...;-)

    Namaste Tim!

  3. Ahh I can relate. I've often had chaseful moments of explanation, that did nearly drive me mad. Reality was that I needn't find the reason to explain such experience, as it was all there. In being the conscious part let go, and just breathed it all in. :) Enjoy your blog.

  4. Hi Ana! Lovely to see you hear... and yes, I sensed from your blog you would know the feeling :-)