Thursday, March 19, 2009

Caught while waiting

Every now and again, I 'chance' upon something that just holds my attention and within seconds I am transported to a new consciousness. It happened to me this morning. It was an 'unusual' morning to start with.

My washing machine had once again decided it wasn't going to spin. In fact, so determined was it to make its point, it wouldn't drain while I wasn't looking and when I next looked, I saw a flood!

That was yesterday and after the mop-up and clean-up (how kind of it to prompt me thus), I called Fisher & Paykel who told me a technician would come round before noon today. Little did I expect him to turn up at 7am. But how thankful I was that he did.

It didn't take long for him to check the likely trouble spots and then conclude that it needed a new motherboard and he was out of the place before I could even offer him a coffee. Ah, such efficiency! Thus sorted, I got on with one of the most important activities of my day - meditation practice, following which I dipped into one of my many favorite books. This one is called 'Learn to pray' by Marcus Braybrooke. It contains a collection of prayers from a number of spiritual traditions. The one that seized my mind and heart today was this one:

Waiting on God

In the centre of my heart I have a mystic shrine for you.
The candles of my joys are dimly lighted in the hope of your coming.
They will burn brighter when you appear. Whether you come or not,

I will wait for you until my tears melt away all material grossness.

To please you my love-perfumed tears will wash your feet of silence.

The altar of my soul will be kept empty.
Until you come I will talk not.
I will ask nothing of you.
I will realize that you know the pangs of my
heart while I wait for you.

You know that I am praying.
You know that I love no other.
Yet whether you come to me or not, I will wait for you, though it be
for eternity.

Paramahansa Yogananda

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