Monday, March 23, 2009

I am the temple of god

I am the temple of god.
I sit in my awe-inspiring presence.
I walk in the wonder of my being.
I breathe the pure air of universal peace.
The radiance of my being glows in me
My countenance of golden light
transforms my cosmic-scape
Angels hover above me
and sit at my feet
ready to do my bidding
I am the temple of god
And from my sacred presence
I bring forth all creation.


  1. I adore your little drawings - they make
    me start to have strange thoughts - of jelly - and ice-cream - and balloons - & of a time when my ignorance wore a smile - & an hour was a long, long time - & I could unashamedly ask you - if we could be friends . . .

  2. Yeah, they bring that out in me too. Or should I say, they come from that place, that part of me that was and still is pure innocence - in essence!

    We must be friends. There is room for nothing else in this world. Really.