Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm giving lots of hugs

I've been reminding myself to give hugs. Lots and lots of them. In my mind.

I hug the earth, the entire planet. Then I expand even more and hug the universe. It is limitless. So how do you hug something limitless. You become limitless yourself, of course! Ah, it is a marvelous feeling - expanding beyond limit - so liberating. It is like taking of the tightest possible outfit and shoes. Only it is a million, zillion times more freeing than that.

And to hug. Oh my goodness! How nice is that! Every time someone or something that I have been upset with comes to mind, I give them a hug. It instantly dissolves all the hurt. It brings a smile, a warm, peaceful within me.

Hugged by God

When god hugs me

I melt so quickly
and so completely

that god and I become one

Thing is god is
always hugging me

I just haven't learnt
to hug back

And sometimes
I just forget

The Child I am

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