Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Season of Gold

A shake by the westerly wind and the golden leaves of autumn came drifting down from the grand fig. It was officially the first day of autumn three days ago. It’s unofficially my favorite season, this season of gold.

Gold amongst green is a rich combination. There’s freshness maturing through the industry of summer, the fruit of which is gold. After all, when one has labored, one must have something to show for it. I couldn’t help feeling this trickling of gold symbolized the fruit of my labor these several months, labor which has not as yet converted into the gold of currency. I have faith it will. Eventually.

Autumn and I

How you infuse me with your gold
Your warm balm of frankincense
Your evening breeze of ripened love
from distant places
Your galaxies of stars
from universes long burnt out.

I am drawn to your
soft fall
of burning leaves
and moon light

You lift me into the shadows of
new life
from where I become my
ancient self
unveiled in the daily rising of
your new born sun

I am known to you
Every thread in all my fabric
Every charge in all my formlessness

Why else do I feel so at home with you?
Breathing, flowing,
rising, falling
as One.

Autumn –
My form and formlessness
In you I return again and again
streaming through

© Lucy Lopez 2004-2009

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