Friday, March 27, 2009

Speak freely to me, my love

Speak to me freely
There is not a part of me
that isn't listening
Nor a breath of mine
that isn't enchanted by
your longings

Spill your secrets
onto me
Let me wear them
as my skin
so that you touch them
each time you touch

Rest your dreams with me
Be assured of my protection
Let me be haunted by the
anticipation of your
to reclaim each one
and breathe fresh desire
into each

Speak freely to me
my love
for I have no other purpose
but to adore you.


  1. Well - gulp! - that's certainly the most beautiful invitation I've ever read.

    My ambivalent reaction - is one of disappointment (at the realisation that this is not LL speaking to me personally) - but also one of excitement - to realise that this pure poetry is actually the voice of universal love speaking - and as such, is pertinent and intended for each one of us - personally - if only we dared believe it.
    Thank you L <3 L

  2. I've decided it's time to believe, Tim. It's time :-)