Friday, March 13, 2009

A debt I cannot repay!

Increasingly, one of the highlights of my day is taking Bonnie, my Tibetan Spaniel, for a walk. I tend to do this once the afternoon glare has given way to the subtle, interplay of sun and moon light.

It is the most enchanting time of day for me as I feel drawn once more into the mystery of the womb of the universe, from which I was born. I feel as if, no matter how much work I have done and no matter how much I may have enjoyed it, I belong ultimately to that place, that land, that kingdom where work is neither needed nor has much meaning.

In that vanishing light, I shall retire to my kingdom grateful for the 'loan of unlimited daylight'!

Once you gave me
as a loan to my eyes
unlimited daylight.
Now, my king, you are staking your claim
to take that back.
I am aware I have to let go of what I owe,
you still announce your shadow
through the evening lamp.
I came only as a guest
to this creation you have fashioned
with your light.
If here and there are left unclaimed
a few pieces, incomplete,
in some unnoticed gaps, let them be,
leave them alone uncared for.
Where your chariot
leaves its last mark
in the finality of dust,
there, let me build my world,
amidst a little light, a little shadow,
some illusion.
Chasing after light,
that is vanishing in the path of shadow,
it may pick up something,
the tiniest fragment that is left,
when my debt to you is finally paid.

By Rabindranath Tagore @ Seagulls Way


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  2. What majestic humility demonstrated by that wonderful poem.
    Despite all our polemic and posturing creation can be read like a book - sunlight and shadows say it all really - for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

  3. Hey Tim! Great to see you here once more :-)

    Don't you mean 'for those with eyes who WANT to see and those with ears who WANT to hear'???

    Sunlight and shadow indeed... :-)