Sunday, April 5, 2009

I wondered where you were

I wondered where you were as I walked in the rain, that pouring rain.

No you did not.

Why do you say that?

Because if you had wondered, you would have instantly felt my presence. You cannot wonder about me without finding me.

I do not wish to argue.

Nor do I, my forest of enchantment, nor do I. But, where is there argument? Surely none here!


Let me take your sigh and twirl my hair around it.

Oh you do speak such nonsense!

Have I made you smile, my loveliness?

Only a little. There is an economy one must exercise with smiles.



Well, then, is there also an economy with frowns?

No, frowns are unpriced for they occur rampantly. An infestation, really.

Then I shall savour your rare smiles. But, so as not to be wasteful, I shall savour your frowns equally. Either way, I shall delight myself.

You do please yourself.

Yes, I do.

Very well then.

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