Saturday, April 18, 2009

If only I could feel my strength

Image from k43Phase

You overcome me so completely, with such finality there is no time to pause, to drink you in. Like water rushing over the cliff’s edge, you rush over me, determined to reach the depth of your being, leaving me still standing while slowly, ever so slowly I wear out. But you have not the slightest inkling of your power.

You think you are strong sometimes, but it is not strength that you think of. Your strength is fear in disguise. But I know your strength for I have felt it surge over and through me. My precious one, it is when you are most vulnerable that you are strong, for that is the only time when you have nothing much left to lose.

If only I could feel my strength. If only I could feel it as you do.

Surrender to me then. Give yourself up to me, for I am nothing but the love you seek. I am the foreverness that you sigh for, the lustful breeze that makes you tingle. I am the guardian of your soul and I yearn for the moment you return to at last set it free.

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