Thursday, April 2, 2009

You couldn't be more perfect

That’s right. You are perfection. For you the world exists. For you, I exist. I could ask for nothing more nor could you be anything less. Can you not see why I love you so completely?


Do not be afraid to speak, my twilight, my dawn!

I smell the sweet scent of your presence. It is the scent of ancient worlds. Why is that?

It surprises you?

No, strangely enough. It causes me to forget where I am.

Where you are is right here, in this scent, as am I.

Oh, do not confuse me. Do not tell me things you know I will not understand. Let me just be here in your arms. That’s all.

Then I shall kiss your forehead just so and search the back of your neck with my lips.

What do you expect to find?

Why, mysteries, of course! Mysteries and more mysteries!


  1. There is such a wonderful and strong feedback created - when human love and Divine live intermingle - trade sensations.
    Each expands the heart of the other.

    (Not that they're any different really - apart from our perception of which one is Perfect . . .)

    Thanks again L <3 L

  2. Yes, and perhaps as they continue to communicate, the one that does not perceive perfection will learn to...?