Wednesday, April 15, 2009

But I must go.

I do so want to sit here and talk more. So much more. All this is new. Transforming my hurts into gold. Why, if it were real gold, I would be a millionaire overnight! But I must go. I promised to visit a friend. She waits.

Then go, my darling. It is not as if I shall be left behind. Oh no, for I am forever and always with you. You may well not hear me as you go about your preparations but I shall be watching as you, every flicker of your eyelashes, every lift and tread in your step. I shall miss nothing.

I wish that I never lost sight of you, that you were always in the forefront of my mind. That way, I would never fall into the gullies of sadness and gloom that lie in wait for me.

Give yourself time, my love. Be patient. It will happen as you desire.

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