Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ask me anything

Anything at all, my love. Do not be afraid or embarrassed for there is nothing that you could ask or say or do that would turn me away. No, nothing at all. You have nothing to fear from me and I implore you, do not be afraid of yourself. For you have created for yourself a playground to explore, a labyrinth to lose and find yourself in, a shrine to adore yourself!

I know you have forgotten but darling, oh sweet hint of abraxas, you have created all for your pleasure, to fulfill your longing, to enchant and enthrall yourself. And I, I am as you have desired, so completely and utterly in love, so eternally ready to do as you wish. So ask me, my love, ask me anything!

I am surprised, I do not understand. All of a sudden, I have nothing to ask for. Is this some trick of yours, to distract me from my desires by listening to your devotion?

You distrust me, yet I take no offense, for it is your freedom to distrust as it is my freedom to love you as I do! Ah, there is nothing, nothing at all that can turn me away from you! Please, you are free to ask. Ask! Anything! It is as vital as air to me that you ask and that I do your will!

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