Friday, April 24, 2009

Tomorrow, I shall show you the art of looking

I am angry with everyone. Well, no, I’m not really angry but I am frustrated. All of us, rich, poor and in-between are acting in ignorance and thereby keeping this ridiculous system going. We are all responsible.

So what will you do?

Well, look at what I am doing. I am trying to keep out of trouble by paying my bills but I am not making enough money to pay them. So, I’ve been looking at ways of making money. At the same time, I keep offering my services free whenever someone who needs them doesn’t have any money to give me in return. Can you help me?

How shall I help you, my sweet blossom?

Can you make me some money? And immediately?

I am here to serve you, my princess. I can and I shall.

Will there be money for me then, when I next look for it?

Surely. And that is exactly what you must do. Look for it.


Where would you normally look for it?

In my bank account or an ATM or in my wallet.

Then look for them there.

But I have and there is only a little. Not enough to pay even one bill fully.

My petal, trust me. Tomorrow, I shall show you the art of looking.

Why not now?

Darling, my precious one, are you not tired? You know you are. But I want you to be fresh and strong and alert and free when I show it to you. So do leave it till the morning.

Yes, I know I must. I am tired and I do not want doubt getting in the way.

Don’t worry my darling. When I am at work with you, there will be no room for doubt.

Oh, my dar…my dear, dear friend, how sweet and kind you are. How you do love me so completely. I know that with you, I am safe. I love you. Thank you!

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