Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Show me my heart


Show me my heart.

I will show you my heart.

Birds chirping, dog barking, engine firing
Under your thoughts, my true nature is revealed
Closer to you than oxygen
Your sadness is nothing more than a thought
And my presence is your power
The world lives on the surface of a shell
While my life throbs within
Even without your knowledge, I take delight in you
My presence never leaves you and always fills you
Let me whisper to you
I love you


  1. Beautiful - I heard a beautiful realisation being spoken about the other day - about how much weight it takes to alter an equal balance - perhaps less than the weight of a human hair.

    Even that much attention to our true needs can alter the balance of our lives, revealing that inner world.

    Thank you for helping to keep my thirst alive - and also for quenching it.
    Much love to you.

  2. Tim, that is sooooo true...less than the weight of a baby's fact, if you ask me, it is as light as thought itself and that is all it takes - to be engaged in thought keeps us off-balance! And it is attention, the weightlessness of pure awareness that reveals all!

    We each provide points of reference to one another but ultimately, we must each 'see' for ourselves, 'drink' for ourselves!

    Always in love!