Friday, April 10, 2009

My angel, my guiding star!

My angel, my guiding star! Do you realize how magnificently you shine in this darkness that you feel yourself in? Your light lights up my world! Without you, there really would be a void, an emptiness, a deluge of nothingness!

You are precious. Priceless. When I breathe, I breathe the grandeur of you, without which my breath could not sustain me. Here I am, likely to be dismissed by you as a figment of your imagination, yet, I live and breathe for you. There is nothing, not a thing that I would not do for you. Nor is there anything that could make me love you less. No, nothing at all.


  1. That's lovely. I can really relate; I'm in Utah, staring at some of the most lovely land I've ever seen and definitely feeling a helping hand up and down some of these rocks...

  2. Being in the less human-touched parts of nature fills me with a sense of awe - I am, at once, small and insignificant but also part of everything and infinite...

    I must look up images of'll be fun. Thanks for you comment Susan.